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French Vanilla Syrup

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Introducing Naturally Sweetened French Vanilla Syrup, the ideal partner for elevating your cherished beverages and desserts. Sweetened naturally with a blend of stevia, monk fruit, and erythritol, this syrup delivers the delightful essence of French vanilla without the unwanted sugars and accompanying guilt.

Immerse yourself in the velvety, creamy goodness of French vanilla with each and every sip. Just one or two pumps of this syrup effortlessly elevate your morning coffee, transforming it into a decadent café-style indulgence. Whether you lean towards a simple cup of joe or a more elaborate latte, Naturally Sweetened French Vanilla Syrup adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to your daily ritual.

🚫 0 calories. 0g sugar. 6g carbs.

🔢 375 ml/12.7 fl. oz. Bottle - 13 Servings!

✅ Gluten-Free & Kosher.

🌱 No artificial sweeteners or flavors

🥛 Dairy-free.

🇺🇸 Made in the USA.

🧊 Refrigeration not required.

Flavor Notes: Sweet and indulgent french vanilla flavor. Add guilt-free flavor to coffees, lattes, tea, protein shakes, smoothies, baking, oatmeal or just about anything.

5/1/2024 CKL